Almond Honey
Almond Honey
Almond Honey

Cholesterol prole, Immunity levels, Improves the memory in growing children

Almond Honey 300 GM

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Almonds are not only universally loved as a delicious food item but are also acknowledged for the medicinal benefits they provide. Combined with the benefits of pure natural honey, this is probably one of the tastiest combinations of health foods anywhere. Both products are, anyway, a must-have in every kitchen but when combined, the health benefits increase manifold.

About our product

  • The highest quality almonds are harvested and then hand-picked. These are then put through the latest technological processes to extract their oil.
  • Pure natural honey harvested by experienced beekeepers using the most hygienic and humane methods and filtered to remove inconsumable wax, pollen, parts of dead bees etc.
  • The extract of Almonds is combined with our pure natural honey in a hygienic and controlled environment using the latest technology
  • Absolutely no artificial or synthetic additives, preservatives, flavors, colours etc. are added to ensure natural wholesome goodness.
  • We take great care in packing our products to stringent standards of hygiene thereby ensuring a reliable and quality product.


  • Almonds are considered heart-healthy and are packed with Vitamin-E, Magnesium and Potassium
  • Almonds are packed with Calcium and Phosphorus that help strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Selenium present in almonds helps fight depression and anxiety
  • Almonds help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and promote cardiac health
  • Flavonoids present in honey which are antioxidants help reduce the risk of cancer
  • Honey is an all-natural energy fuel for athletes, better than synthetic drinks and powders
  • Weight loss is an area where almonds play a big role
  • Almonds have been known to promote overall healthy skin and hair
  • Almonds have been known to boost mental alertness, essential for the young and old alike
  • Please mandatorily consult doctor before using honey if diabetic
  • Ideal for consuming directly or adding to a wide range of beverages and food preparations including desserts


  • Consume directly or use in the making of beverages and other dishes
  • Has a wide range of health and medicinal benefits.
  • All of our products are pure and all-natural
  • Packed to stringent standards of hygiene.
  • This is a Vegetarian product


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