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We would describe ourselves as modern thinkers but also believe in the good values given by our ancestors. The concept is to provide support & create platform for the farmers to produce eco friendly and natural way, which will lead to save our environment for our next generation and help people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Desi Gir Cow Ghee made from

Best quality A2 Gir cow milk

We source the best quality A2 Gir cow milk ensuring utmost care from the time of milking the cow to storing it to retain utmost freshness

Vedic procedure of preparing ghee

the procedure involved in preparation of Vedic ghee is quite tedious and consumes time as well as manual labour. First of all the milk is curdled into thick yogurt. This Curd is then hand churned in clay pots using wooden churner. Then the butter so obtained is heated in iron vessel to get ghee or clarified butter.

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