Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee
Gir Cow Ghee

Made from the best quality and richest Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk

Gir Cow Ghee

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Gir cows are native to the Indian subcontinent and their milk (A2 milk) has long been praised and coveted for its richness, nutrition and multitude of health benefits. We pride ourselves on using the latest in technological innovations and blending it with the most time-tested traditional methods when deriving ghee from its milk.

About our product

  • We source the best quality A2 Gir cow milk ensuring utmost care from the time of milking the cow to storing it to retain utmost freshness
  • The milk then goes through a curdling process in the most hygienic of conditions
  • Every last ounce of rich and tasty butter is extracted from the curd in leading up to turning it into ghee
  • The butter is then put through the latest technological processes to reduce the butter into the highest quality granular desi ghee
  • Highest standards of hygiene are ensured when bottling and packing the product


  • Desi ghee is proven to be the most easily digestable diary fat which aids in proper digestion and promotes intestinal health
  • Butyric acid present in desi ghee aids in burning stubborn body and belly fat
  • Desi ghee is filled with fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, it helps in boosting immunity. These vitamins play a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain and also bone development.
  • Desi ghee is known to help in providing relief in cases of abdominal inflammation like ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease
  • It is the perfect remedy for dry skin, chapped lips, under-eye dark circles. It works wonderfully as a natural moisturiser and can also be applied to burns


  • One of the most essential ingredients in Indian cuisine.
  • Has numerous health and medicinal benefits ranging from being a salve to aiding in weight management and promoting cardiac health
  • Made from the best quality and richest desi Gir cow A2 milk
  • Strict measures taken to ensure highest standards of hygiene when packing the ghee
  • This is a Vegetarian product.


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