Forest Honey
Forest Honey
Forest Honey

Forest Honey is having all vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients intact

Forest Honey 500 GM

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Honey is nature’s eternal super-food! Yes, you read it right! Pure honey almost never goes bad as long as no water is added to it and the lid is secured properly preventing entry of atmospheric moisture. With these precautions in place, honey is nearly expiry-date-proof!

Pure honey is very widely considered as a super-food. Immunity booster, wound healer, natural energy enhancing fuel and, mitigater of symptoms of flu and common cold are some of the characteristics attributed to pure honey by nutritionists and health professionals across the world.

About our product

  • Harvested by expreienced beekeepers using the most hygienic and humane methods to preserve its natural goodness
  • Procured directly from beekeepers, our raw natural honey is absolutely unprocessed thereby preserving its natural characteristics, taste and benefits
  • No additives, preservatives, flavours, colours etc. added.
  • Packaged to stringent standards of hygiene to ensure a reliable and quality product.


  • Raw honey’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties help boost your immunity and fight sickness
  • It contains flavonoids which are antioxidants and help reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases
  • It can be applied topically on small wounds and cuts to prevent infections
  • It is an all-natural energy fuel for athletes, better than synthetic drinks and powders
  • Raw honey is a great way to holistically treat symptoms of flu and common cold
  • Excellent alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners when cooking and baking
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels as the sugar in honey is not the same as in processed sugar or artificial sweeteners (Please mandatorily consult doctor before using raw honey if diabetic)
  • Perfect for sweetening everything from teas, health drinks to salads and desserts


  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Perfect sweetener for a range of beverages and foods.
  • Has numerous health and medicinal benefits.
  • Pure and all natural. Does not contain any additives, preservatives or artificial colouring or flavours.
  • Packed to stringent standards of hygiene.


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